Concert reviews

U2 concert reviews

Below is the compilation of U2 concerts reviews from people who have attended their concerts.

I was expecting this to be one for the books and I was not disappointed. Production aspects for this tour have never been done before. The guys spent quite a bit of time on small stage at the end of the arena floor where I was seated. I even had a chance to catch some of the pages Bono was throwing into the crowd from the ripped book. Can’t wait for The Joshua Tree tour to come to Cleveland and for the continuation of the Innocence and Experience Tour. It’s been almost two years since this show already. Wow!


Its April 1987 and U2 is coming to the Los Angeles Sports Arena. As I heard on my Walkman
on KROQ by Richard Blade. Wow! Never seen them perform ever!! And wouldn’t you
know it, U2 sells out!! Damn. Not my Month, especially since its my Birthday in April! Then all of a sudden, KROQ announces sale of tickets day of the show. And yes, I was blessed with Irish luck!! Got tickets on left side of stage near runway on high rise section. Awesome and
amazing seats. Could not get much closer to U2! Opening song was, ” Where The Streets Have No Name”. Such an unforgettable and memorial show! Once in a lifetime event for the
biggest fan in Los Angeles! To this day, whenever I hear that song, I get chills and unbelievable happiness in my heart and mind! Not to mention just hearing The Joshua Tree Album on my turntable, takes me back in time to 1987. Such an Amazing U2 Record! Top 3 on my list! Now 30 years later, I get to share an unforgettable concert at the Rose Bowl and experience with my love ones, my family and U2. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Cant wait! Happy 30th J.T.!


Third time seeing U2; never cease to amaze…U2 sprinkled its classic hits with its latest album in another show we will not soon forget.


One of the best concerts I have ever seen.
The audio and visual setup was top notch.
Bono’s vocals were excellent. It seems he has not lost his voice after all these years.


They came smoking out of the box with five or 6 rockers in a row, including ‘Gloria’, before wandering off into a sort-of-musical biography of a mis-spent youth in Dublin. But they came roaring back for a hit-filled finish. Spectacular lights, spectacular effects, tremendous sound. Also I got to hear ’-40-‘ which does not get played every night


This was my 12th U2 show and one of my favorites. The video wall was great, Sunday night sat 25 feet from band. Lady Gaga was great. Monday night concert was just as good except for One, which was better Sunday night. Every time we watch U2 it’s like a religious experience. Hope second part of iNNOCENCE and eXPERIENCE tour will come closer to Florida but if not, we’ll find somewhere to go see U2.

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